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Please NoteWe have recently started receiving correspondence from people whose credit card statements show transactions with “” even though these people have made purchases from websites that are neither owned nor operated by us nor affiliated with us in any way.

Some people, for example, have attempted to buy brand name sunglasses and related accessories from these other websites. We have looked into this further and can confirm that none of the websites used for these types of transactions are in any way related to our company.

We are just as surprised about this as those who contacted us were since this has nothing to do with our company. We operate, which is not in any way connected to the credit card charge(s) which have been brought to our attention.

If this has affected you, we recommend you contact your credit card issuer to discuss your situation to see if they are in a position to further investigate and to assist you.

In the meantime, for those shopping on, please rest assured that your information is secure and we love having you as our loyal customers!

Yours truly,
Mandee, A & M (2015) LLC

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